Intime Organique - Intimere Birthing Oil 30Ml

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Intimere is an unprecedented maternity care series put together by Moko Reiko, a gyne of botanical treatment for mom. Once the 32nd week, knead the perineum to clear your skin and give it moisture content. Also to allow for postnatal convalescence. Relieve the increasing concern of the human body, lessen the harm at birth and survive very easy to go back to day to day life after shipping and delivery. Ideal for thirty two weeks postpartum to post partum. How you can utilize: Take a suitable volume at the fingertips of yours, stretch uniformly on the perineum, and then massage as you employ the belly of the thumb of yours to open up the entry. Following that, maintain your skin very soft by rubbing in a circle as it comes around. It's a good idea using in water.