Kao - Mens Biore Deodorant Z Essence Unscented

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Quite possibly in case you sweat a good deal, you will not be in a position to smell throughout the day. Quite possibly in case you sweat, the bactericidal behavior stays as well as helps prevent odor. A medicated deodorant heart which could be put on to toes along with arms. Sweat sterilization stamina technologies. Quite possibly in case you sweat a good deal, the bactericidal action from odor bacteria continues, so that you are able to avoid foul smells for decades. Evaporation of sweat right away. Consists of sweat immediate dry powdered (base). No smooth and stickiness and cozy epidermis. Very same acidity as blank skin. The agent doesn't get entangled along with the armpit hair coupled with the fact that it adheres solidly on the bare skin. Antiperspirant light weight aluminum salt (component with antiperspirant effect) is not really used. Pack Size - 40g