Ampleur - Luxury White Concentrate Hq 110 11G

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A intense aesthetic fluid for nighttime use solely for stain treatment which has Ampule's distinctive new stable hydroquinone in probably the highest concentration of the series. Brand new steady hydroquinone encapsulated in micro encapsulation attacks all night long. Airless pump container (not a kind which often takes in up with a straw, but a framework which often drives the pump to increase the bottom level of the container and drive the contents out). The way to use: At night, directly after cleansing the face area of yours, use a suitable volume to the fingertips of yours and lightly put it on with regard to the region of the stain you're fascinated with. For area consumption, refrain from making use of besides the part you value. Usage guideline: lightly employ one push to the level just. Use solely after dark for aproximatelly 1.5 months.