Cosme Station - Argent Silver Ion Water 18Ml - 2 Types

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Card-type disinfectant mist by means of silver ion water. Silver ion water could be likely for disinfection impact. Antibacterial home of silver ion drinking water is very rewarding against bacteria, candida albicans, O-157, tooth decay bacteria, corynebacterium, acne. bacteria, assorted bacteria, fungi. Contained tea leaf extract possesses a very high bactericidal impact which as well comes with polyphenol. Polyphenol is a part which usually binds along with the components of the odor and also adsorbs, so that you are able to count on a deodorant impression by neutralizing the cause of the stench. Sugarcane extract is secure for the human body, as well as it keeps volatilization of malodors (including ammonia fragrance), negates and also decomposes, which in addition includes an impact for eliminating aroma of cigaretts. argent indicates silver in French. Pack Size - 18ml