Missha - Super Aqua Ultra Hyalron Bio Cellulose Mask 25G X 1Pc

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Benefits: A powerful sheet mask with ten kinds of Hyaluronic Acid Complex to generate long lasting hydration. Several molecular sizes of Hyaluronic Acid work up a barrier to avoid skin which is dried out, while providing moisturising nutritional value in the identical time frame. Designed with a naturally derived sheet composed of fermented coconut. This amazing bio cellulose mask is able and pliable to conform to skin quite firmly. Skin irritation evaluation completed. Made for vulnerable skin type. How you can use: one. Right after cleansing, use toner onto face. two. Tear as a result of shielding flicks as well as slap on mask onto face. three. Try to leave on for 10 20 minutes and eliminate sheet. four. Take away the sheet and carefully pat the unwanted essence in skin for greater absorption.