Intime Organique - Intime Whitening Cream 100G

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Moisturizing product for fine zone. By carefully selected plant substances like organic olive oil, water is given by it and additionally brings about a dazzling epidermis impression. The strength as well as kindness of plants for very sensitive part. Intime Organique by lebois, that was developed to cover such a motivation, is a skin series entirely for fragile zone made up of organic and natural herb substances carefully selected in a golden ratio by Akiko Morita, a prominent man or woman of phytotherapy in Japan. A hydrating cream great for good care of fragile areas including V line, nipples and also armpit. The organic elements extracted from organic olive oil nourishes, softens as well as moisturizes the skin. It contributes to skin which is gorgeous by the synergy of the rice and raise ingredients bran extract along with dokudami extract. Commitment to organic plant substances, is earth friendly look for female's skin. How you can use: Take a suitable volume aproximatelly 500 yen coin dimensions of a hand which has long been ground and warmed, as well as put it on to areas of concern including dark areas and fine zones. It is able to further be put on for bust tops and also armpit.