Chantilly - Tex-Mex Mens Skin Care All In One Jelly 150Ml

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Male's 10s skin. With this specific one particular [Lotion + Milky lotion + Serum]. It gives shine and moisture on the skin of males. In the early morning attention after shaving. To the night proper care of the tub as it's. To skin of a male with a hassle. With this immediately after the face wash OK. All of the proper care with this particular one, you are able to look after the skin of yours securely. Towards skin of males, avoid drying of the epidermis, make skin moisture, luster and tightening up the skin in which pores are anxious, not gooey. Particular focus on hydrating ingredients: 3D Hyaluronic Acid, Platinum Collagen. Thinking of skin of males five free: non parencens, no fragrance, non silicon, no coloring as well as mineral oil. Moisture Jelly prescription for males. You are able to use it without the sensation of stickiness that men could be unhealthy. The way to use: After face cleansing, take a suitable amount (aproximatelly one yen beads) in the hand of yours, give it time to apply to the skin of yours.