Innisfree - Magic Press 2019 Green Holiday Limited Edition - 2 Types #02 Burgundy Mood

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Benefits: This's the specific 2019 Green Holiday limited edition of miracle press set. For newbies to go through pleasing nail art technique in a time-saving and simple manner with press on gel nails. The highly sought after nail design has the theory of party and holiday music. How you can use: Tip Application: one. Work with a wooden stick or perhaps cuticle pusher to get rid of cuticles. two. Take advantage of the included prep pad to get rid of too much moisture and also engine oil on nails. three. Select the correct nail application which often matches your nail size. four. Tear as a result of shielding movie in the back. five. Arrange the tab to follicle and put it on, lightly press and drive the nail suggestion from the center to conclude edges. six. Trim the idea with a file or perhaps nail clippers if needed. Tip Removal: one. Take away the gel nail suggestion and have a wood stick from the edge. two. Saturate the cork stick with fingernail remover and get rid of the idea from cuticle line. three. Apply nail serum or even heart for surface texture.