Bulrogeon - Korean Red Ginseng & Pomegranate Drink (Gift Set) 50Ml X 30Packs

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Well suited for individuals who are Health conscious Skin condition conscious Concerned with sleep quality Lack of exercising Having irregular schedules on work Seeking methods to be renewed Features Beauty Drink Made with 6-year-old Korean white ginseng extract Contains pomegranate extract, collagen and also vitamin C Superfood pomegranate action as anti oxidant, anti inflammatory, it is able to enhance cardiovascular performance and carry together with various other beneficial health advantages separately packaged, very easy to have Certified as Hong Kong Trusted Product Product Information Ingredients: 6-year-old Korean red ginseng extract, pure water, pomegranate extract, white ginseng heart, oligosaccharides, fluid fructose, honey, targeted apple juice, seaweed calcium, vitamin C, sodium citrate, collagen Intake Method: all set to offer and / or diluted scanner with h20 Storage: Please guarantee that it stays in a great spot and stay away from direct natural light Note: Take care if you use, Place of Origin: South Korea