Sofina - Primavista Long Keep Loose Powder Ex 4.8G

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For very oily epidermis. For individuals who actually are especially focused on the skin's stickiness and also texture. An troubled tears, in addition to a smooth finish which suppresses embarrassing stickiness for decades. A loose kind which often will last a fantastic skin with a clean feeling. Harsh sebum protected formula. Adoption of expansion and also contraction web, an even quantity of powder might be considered, so end symmetrically. Corner dimension easy for carrying. No smell is mixed. Difficult to come down. Features sebum solidified powdered to harden sebum. Solidly gets hard the sebum which leads to a make up pause and helps to keep the stunning finish for decades. Solidly harden the sebum and don't overlook it. Bright and natural finish. Yellow-colored interference mild pearl formulation. The skin is relaxed and also bright and natural. Advise for individuals who actually are especially focused on stickiness and skin feel, individuals who're worried about beauty products deviation, as well as males that are likewise focused on oily skin area.