Zanmira Nail - Zanmira Nail 10Ml

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The 3 toenails repair materials (urea, lactic acid, propylene glycol) penetrate fast and deal with the exterior of the nail. Even the exterior of the nails as well as give it moisture content. This amazing fix behavior helps it be easy to help keep the color ink, consistency and also condition of the toenails in good health. Additionally, Zammyra nails don't need to be pre arranged with nail file when making use of them, and also they just care for waiting around for painting as well as penetration. The form is furthermore tube sort, it might end up being put to use casually. First 2 months, it's a good idea using prior to sleeping. How you can use: Remove the cap, journalists the idea of the conduit for the nail. Lightly press the hose fingernails, use a thin coating on the backside of the nail tip. Hold on a couple of mins to become dry. After use, tighten up the cap.