Bathclin - Aroma Sparkling Bath Salt 12 Pcs - 3 Types

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Mix: Grapefruit, Coconut, Jasmine, Lavender, Deep Forest Shiretoko in addition to rose: Assorted aroma of Shiretoko white-colored birch, aroma of Ezoshinoshiudo Scent of Ezokisuge, scent of Shiretoko Hermanus, the place where you are able to really feel the breath of nature. Yakushima: Forest like scent, floral tone, citrus scent and also floral scent. High-class warm bath time circled by organic fragrance that pops. A bathing representative which boasts of six kinds of well-liked fragrances which may be selected as per the spirits of the day time. Beads filled with a high awareness of smell (compared to the manufacturer) foam once they're included. You are able to consume a new aroma. How you can use: Dissolve in water which is hot (200L) at a speed of aproximatelly 30g while stirring very well.