Art Naturals - Lemon Oil 4Oz

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The clear sweetness of our genuine Lemon Essential Oil (Citrus Limon) aroma simply leaves you with a mouthwatering fruity aroma. The smell of the cold pressed motor oil of ours can be just as purification as it's uplifting. Orange Oil is an excellent remover of toxins, helps in rejuvenating electricity, as well as could guide tone the skin. Take out in a diffuser or perhaps humidifier to waft Lemon Oil s dazzling aroma of office or domestic; use in a carrier oil to clean skin, and put it to use to develop a beautiful smelling furniture polish. Steps for use Always dilute within carrier oil just before using. Orange Oil blends nicely with Frankincense Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Peppermint Oil, plus various other citrus oils. Dab a tiny volume holding a cotton swab that will get rid of adhesive residue, work with as being a household cleaner or perhaps place a few of drops in shampoo to degrease hair. Inhalation of Lemon Oil s smell is able to assist with morning sickness, tension and managing weight. Take out in a standard or perhaps Bluetooth oil diffuser, and spot one-to-two drops in the palm of your inhale and hand deeply. Shelf Life: When saved in a deep cool atmosphere, Lemon oil is going to have a shelf life of roughly 2 years after opening.