The Skin House - Aloe Soothing Vitamin Gel 50Ml

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Benefits: This non sticky gel is made up of Aloe Vera Leaf extract for relaxing and six sorts of vitamins to produce nourishment to the skin of yours. Brightens fatigued and dull skin and also decreases the looks of spots, pigmentation and freckles. Moisturizes your dried up, flaky skin for a healthy looking complexion. Take out as body lotion, cool mask kit, sleeping mask. Cools down your skin's heat range to ease quickly and helps to protect skin from outside stimulus. How you can use: one. Try soaking the cotton pad with printer toner. Prep the skin of yours with cotton pad along burns texture. two. Put it on from the centre section of the face of yours in the outside part over the skin texture, and pat it lightly. three. Use on the body of yours, nail or hair for soothing, nourishing treatments.