Kyo-Miori - Momohada Mamori Foundation Base Cream Spf 50 Pa++++ Peach Blossom 50G

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Jewelry Lip gloss makes females additional attractive! three styles of Jewelry Lip series are intended by Japanese older painting specialty, Ueba Eso, established 260 calendar year ago in Kyoto, Japan. Amber, coral was colored by Peach, as well as Cinnabar - these three lip glosses solidly color along with zero need to have to fit a lipstick upon it. Gold lam, sprinkled as orange leaf, sparkles gorgeously on the mouth of yours. The color of naot shoes Cinnabar is ideal for brilliant and bold grown ups. That contains a good amount of beauty ingredients to defend the first splendor of the mouth of yours. Plant extracts such as soy milk fermented solution, honey, tea leaf extract, jojoba oil, and amino acid dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline constituting gollagen which provides resilience and gloss are mixed in a nutritious way with the notion of skincare. The formulation which often protects water and additionally leads to a plump lips was the result of the unique formula of beauty specialist, kyo miori, making Japanese skincare beauty products.