Clio - Mad Matte Liquid Lip (8 Colors) #07 Toasty Peach

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#01 Berry Boost offers a white wine color. #02 Hotshot Red presents a vivid white color. #03 Burning Orange offers a red-colored grapefruit color. #04 Pink Banger offers a red raspberry color. #05 Serendipink offers a full red MLBB color. #06 Red Hara create a bright sunset white MLBB color. #07 Toasty Peach offers a peach tart performance. #08 Peachpresso presents a light peach color. It has substantial focused color pigment which provides an exceptional color efficiency. With fine powder will provide an essential adherence to the mouth area, performs a clean and light fixing. Won't carry over to the glass or even straw, setting which is best on the mouth for long lasting overall performance. How you can use: put on a good degree on the mouth area.