Lebel - Moii Balm 37G

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With a mild balm of petroleum blending is stayed by moisture. An motor oil series which often adheres to the smell, so that it is a product and also cohesiveness. Doctor prescribed appearance with higher content of all-natural ingredients mixed. Paraben free. Artificial coloring free. Implemented vulnerable skin patch test on most products. Combines 3 types of oils amazing in moisturizing energy, that comfortably proper care for the hair and skin. Marlaoil, Avocado oil, Baobab oil. Fragrance of spicy woody. Woody fragrance provides you with a feeling of relaxation. Depending on eucalyptus and sandalwood, the perfume including deeper forest which usually wraps around unwinds and goes back you to yourself. How you can utilize: Take a tiny amount at the fingertip of yours and make use of it to be a completely stretched oil form with the palm of yours.