Kanebo - Media Bb Cream S Spf 35 Pa++ 35G - 3 Types

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Skin cream and bright blank skin loveliness makeup BB cream. Wet match to skin wet match prescription. Firmly cover pores & problems, to a clean surface texture and also intense finish. The way to use: After conditioning the skin of yours with product, have a suitable volume, and begin with a significant subject of forehead and cheeks, and distribute it from the middle for the exterior. Specifically due to the part you would like to talk about, stack a tiny amount. We suggest making use of make up cleansing for experience washing. SPF is an index which often shows the result of protecting your skin from ultraviolet B waves, PA is a distinction which often shows the consequence of preserving skin from ultraviolet A waves. The PA and SPF indication is the excellent calculated by using two mg per one cm2 in accordance with the overseas standard. Make sure you give some thought to this as a manual for item selection. It's better when applied in combo together with other UV safety solutions. Pack Size - 35g