Kose - Moisture Mild White Milky Lotion 140Ml

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Whitening to probably the deepest consequences and also clear skin stays. Whitening active component considerable purity sustained vitamin C mixture. Specifically grows to the stratum corneum. Suppresses the version of secret melanin lurking in the backside of the epidermis, protecting against freckles and also spots. Huge hydrating products. A great deal of hydrating, clear skin proceeds. Lengthy long lasting doctor prescribed, Highly moisturizing W collagen: Spreads on the epidermis surface area, keeps it transparent and also helps to keep it deep inside. Has moisture content retention part (hyaluronic acid AA or NMF). High purity steady vitamin C enters immediately. Certainly no smell, absolutely no dyes, absolutely no mineral oil, no alcoholic drinks (ethyl alcohol). Emulsions which soften and also soften your skin with a light feel. How you can use: Apply a suitable volume on to the palm and apply for the skin. Pack Size - 140ml