Koji - Nailist Nail Rub Paper 6 Pcs

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A nail file which often corrects as well as smoothes bumps and streaks on the exterior of the nail. Fits towards the nails with a 3 layer building. Area nail file which in turn arranges surface and also line of nail surface superbly superbly. Fit nail in three layer anatomical structure by rubber central material to manage to do fairly as well as sponge of average firmness. It can certainly be cut easily on the tiny part. Take out as sister merchandise Naylist Shining fingernail like groundwork. The way to use: After getting rid of bumps along with streaks on the exterior of the nail with a general surface area (pale orange). Arrange properly with a nice surface area (pink). This program could further be utilized for the daughter item Shining Nail Love groundwork.