Juju - Madame Juju Moisture Cream 45G Classic

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Aging therapy cream which contain all-natural yolk lipoid which supplements the missing old oil and doesn't overlook water. A long selling system which has become liked by quite a few females after the introduction of its. Moisturized skin with moisturized epidermis which has lost sebum over time. It's a burnishing lotion which offers a firmness & gloss with no stickiness, and can also also be employed as a beauty products base. The way to use: After putting on product or perhaps milky lotion, have a suitable volume (pearl size) and put it on to the skin of yours. Have a single or even 2 Muscats in the palm of the hands of yours. Put on enough whitening of the teeth on the experience. Try to leave it for 5-10 minutes. Media merely the gluey part with tissue. Wipe with wet cotton. Rinse lightly with water which is warm. In case you're making use of for the very first time, do the regular length (pearl grains size) originally. Take the application volume while looking at the problem of skin.