Utena - Moisture Lotion - 4 Types

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Moisture Highly efficient moisturizer merged with the tension relieving atmosphere of a serum solution. Is generally worn in the very same manner as many other lotions. Includes seaweed extract (as a moisturizer). Subtly scented. Moisture EX Very hydrated moisturizing form of milky sort which replenishes moisture with a mellow and mellow sensation of usage. Specifically your skin that you value dryness is wet. Royal Jelly extract (moisturizing ingredients) formulated. Clear away A skin solution which often removes abnormal levels of old oil as well as purifies clogged pores while trying to keep it moisturized. Dead keratin and sebum plugs are taken out that will help hold freshness and clearness of skin. Essence This wealthy milky solution moisturizes the dermis. Extremely advocated for anyone with skin which is dried out. Is usually put to use at the beginning of the early morning or perhaps late in the romantic evening. Subtly scented. The way to use: After face cleansing, use the right volume to the skin of yours. Pack Size - 155ml