Tamahana - Washing Foam 120G

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Facial wash is a vital step to reset your skin prior to skin. The rose laundry foam is able to generate a good deal of light, fine and also heavy bubbles, maybe even in quantities which are small. The bubbles with a sensation of adhesion cleanly get rid of pointless horny, sweaty and dusty dirt while attending to the skin of yours. The carefully selected 100 % natural hydrating ingredients bring moisture content to your skin layer right after scrubbing, as well as cause an intense skin. The way to use: After wetting your hands and face well in advance, take a suitable volume (aproximatelly two cm) on the palm of your lather and hand properly with a purifying web. Get bubbles on chin, nose, both cheeks, and the forehead from 5 locations, and clean them from the bottom level of the face area upward as you cover them in a major group. Rinse very carefully with lukewarm water or water.