Purederm - 3-In-1 Body Care Treatment: Skin Smoother Body Wash 10G + Invigorating Body Scrub 10G + Moisture & Nourish Body Lotion 10G 30G

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Multi-step body medication for smooth and soft skin. Enriched with nice almond oil, apricot seed powder, strawberry extract, grapefruit extract, along with hyaluronic acid to defend and also hydrate the skin of yours. How you can use: one. Think about a good level of body wash on hands or even a shower towel and lather it up. two. Try to massage with the body. three. Wash with lukewarm water. four. Take a modest degree of body scrub and also rub it through the human body five. Wash with lukewarm water. six. Following bath, take a modest degree of body lotion and use for the human body.