Kao - Biore House De Esthetic Deeply Adhesive Cotton Pad 24 Pcs

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Hectic time is going to change to esthetic. Adhesive cotton pads carefully. While washing, washing, raising kids. It's difficult to can be removed even in case it moves, so hydrate targeted penetration exactly where drying out is concerned. six kinds of natural moisture substances. Hyaluronic acid, aminoalkanoic acid derivatives (betaine), Hibamata Extract, Hydroxypropyl Guar Gum, Fuyu Bodajie Flower Extract, Pullulan (Moisturizing Component). When you're especially interested may be pasted on top of each other. In case you wear it in the early morning makeup glue gets significantly better. You are able to make use of it apart from experience including neck or perhaps decollete. hundred % organic satin. Sensitive acidity, uncolored, fragrance free, alcohol free. The way to utilize: Before usage: Open the lid of the situation, work with after peeling off of the seal on the interior. Right after cleansing, work with following training the complete face with experience solution etc. Open the group taken from the situation, break down it into four, and paste it on the epidermis of yours. Allow it to become as light as you can therefore air doesn't get between the pad and also the skin and carry it into closer contact. Go out of the pack as it's after aproximatelly ten minutes. Don't leave it affixed for decades. Right after peeling off, clean as always. Take out with hands which are clean. To be able to keep deterioration of quality on account of drying out, be certain to close the box lid effectively after usage. Take out after opening as quickly as possible. After opening, retailer as horizontally as feasible, don't tilt the planting container, don't have, liquid could leak out. Pack Size - twenty four pcs