Nakaichi - Pur Blanche Face Cream Ex 50G

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Face Cream from Pur Blanche collection, by NAKAICHI. Pur Blanche collection features plenty of beauty ingredients from different points of view, for instance, anti aging, antioxidant, anti-glycation, hydrating and so forth. Crucial ingredients of Pur Blanche collection are Damask Rose Extract (Oil, Water etc.), Apple Fruit Stem Cell Extract, and Cherry Blossom Flower Extract. The Resilience and Gloss Cream EX is made up of forty one beauty ingredients, such as Pur Blanche's fundamental ingredients (Damask Rose Water and Oil, Apple Fruit Stem Cell Extract, Cherry Blossom Flower Extract). The cream stretch nicely comfortablly and also carry moisture content to the skin of yours. The fragrance of rose.