Mandom - Deodorizing Mist For Socks & Tights 50Ml

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Penetrate through the texture of the fibre with a blow for the knee and also tights. Rapid deodorant even when it's on the go. two kinds of obviously derived deodorant ingredients (green tea extract, persimmon tannin) formulated. Instantaneous deodorization of smelling moisture content garments. Contains sterilizing ingredients. Sterilize solidly the bacteria that will become the cause of odor. The fragrance of grapefruit with a fresh feeling. Dried out fast with a fine mist. Make use of upside down OK. Mist bottle of spray with peaceful sound. Bulky slim bottle. Non-powder sort to not whitish. When ones, before meals and also drinking gathering, at business or school. Application: For clothing. How you can use: Spray out of the socks and also tights by ten cm or even much more at bay from the tights towards the level that the counter becomes moistened a little. Place the shoes of yours on after the socks and also tights dried out. Don't spray right on skin or perhaps foot. When you totally focus on the identical portion spraying it may well turn into a stain.