Country & Stream - Natural Honey Lip 10G - 2 Types

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Beautiful Red Care & small coloring. A lip serum of honey (moisturizing ingredient). A hydrating veil of honey and also rosehip oil generates a pleasing along with beautiful lip. ninety six % moisturizing ingredient. Comfortable and smooth feeling with no stickiness. Color correction for dullness on account of drying. Add luster and moisture content to lipstick and also tin lip. Relatively honey scent. Cute Lovely Honey beauty on the mouth of yours. A affluent class lip serum which often keeps drying out simply roughening of the mouth and also helps to protect them while giving moisture content. A hydrating veil of honey wraps the fragile mouth area making it plump and also smooth. Wow the skin of yours with lively lips. to be able to protect against lips from drying out as well as roughing: an affluent serum that contains shea and honey butter (moisturizing ingredient) protects mouth from drying. On the bottom of lipstick: apply gently to give mouth moisture to assist lipstick glue and other color. Shiny luster: apply fuller to bouncy plump lips. Diagonal cut to place mouth. Moisture-derived loveliness ingredients at honey. How you can utilize: Apply the lips of the conduit straight away to the lips of yours, and put it to use at the fingertips of yours.