Love Renaissance - Puff For Creamy Foundation 1 Pc

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Tear-shaped, simple, sleek puffy watery puff. The waterborne puff created using the one of a kind underwater foaming technique understands an unprecedented sleek touch. It's comfy to use, as well as it spreads foundation well & smoothly. For liquid foundation. For frothy foundation. Fairly fine and firm. Fine for powdery arena. You are able to really feel the finish you desire with delicacy as rash. It's a cream foundation, it's not hard to take care of tears. It's not a total product or service with a small foundation or event information. How you can use: Place the frothy footing on the backside of the hand on five spots (both cheeks, temple, nose and face) of the face area. To begin with, carefully spread on the skin of yours with care with the fingertips of yours. Stretch out it making it stick to the skin of yours with puff. Gently make use of puff corners for details like under the eyes & in the side area of the nose.