Brtc - Pore Clear Black Charcoal Cleansing Foam 150Ml

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Benefits: Pore therapy cleansing foam offers high, good foam to wash, firm up pore and clean skin with 15000ppm Charcoal powdered. Charcoal powdered, Persimmon leaf etract and also Chestnut layer extract soothe skin, get rid of dead, impurities, and sebum skin cells to clean skin. Is made up of Tannin pore complex including Green tea leaf extract, Safflower extract to tighten up skin pores and also boost skin quality. Azure phyto complex that contains six kinds of patented botanical substances including Lavender, Chamomile to relax and also hydrate skin. Skin irritation evaluation completed. How you can use: Create lather with a modest quantity, massage on experience and wash with lukewarm water.