Cosme De Beaute - Gel Me 1 Peel Off Base 10Ml

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Absolutely no requirement for mild removal remedy and acetone. Base coating for gel nails. Simply put it to use as a base prior to using the gel nail of yours, thus the gel nail's mochi stays. It's possible as it could be swiftly removed similar to a seal if you are wanting to eliminate it. How you can use: Apply this product. (Be mindful to never get on skin or perhaps cuticles). Irradiate with LED or UV light source for gel nail. (Indication of curing time: LED aproximatelly thirty seconds, UV aproximatelly one minute) Apply color gel upon keeping track of if it's uniformly applied. It's typical for any stickiness to continue to be after curing. Work with your current style gel. Apply it once you try it out with just one finger and also compatibility with color gel. Take away the gel nail from the side area of the follicle or perhaps side area with the idea of the nail and lightly peel it all from area was filled by air. Don't remove forcibly.