Emajiny - Hair Kolor Art F25 Formal Black 50G

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1 day - One Time - Hair Color Wax. Outside of the age of forty, you may think you're loosing hair volume. While changing hair color, EMAJINY wax will make your hair style volumized. By EMAJINY's coloring expertise to modify hair which is black to colorful hype-filled tresses, F25 (Formal Black) swaps the hair of yours to fashionable black. Matte wax captures hair which is natural styling as you like, as well as provides a lot more all-natural appearance. You are able to eliminate the wax by soap or maybe shampoo. The color of naot shoes wax may reduce caused by clean water, rain, sweat, etc. When towel dried out, make sure you make use of a soft towel which doesn't matter even when the color adheres, in the event. When you have the wax on apparel, it may not be taken out, therefore feel free to be aware upon using the wax. Kindly rinse the wax accessible after using. Right now there will be the unique impact on the color tone together with the feel.