Kao - Biore Blue Agave + Baking Soda Detox Mask Set Of 12Pc

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DESCRIPTION: Let us Face ItDaily pollution is able to create havoc on the epidermis of yours. There is nothing like punching in the reset button on the complexion of yours than with an excellent detox mask.What It DoesExperience an extreme, cooler, pore tingly fresh and clean as you de stress with Biore Whipped Nourishing Detox Mask, with all-natural Blue Agave + Sodium bicarbonate. Uniquely formulated for combination skin, this frothy mask helps you eliminate harmful particles, picking up at bay oil and also dirt to clean plugged skin pores. Skin is left instantaneously clean, refreshed & ever-so-nourished. Tips on how to USE: Do not be dusty A way to Use: Use on a wet face.1. Apply mask. Rub a big volume uniformly onto experience, staying away from eyes.2. Chill out there for five mins (mask doesn't dry/harden)3. Rinse completely with water which is warm, while rubbing down in a circular mobility, to clear away the mask.Recommended Usage: May make use of around two three times per week.