Ph Japan - Premium Feminine Wet Shower Splash

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It's a stormy sheet form of delicate zone soap [PH JAPAN series]. Since the fragrance of rejuvenating soap [PH JAPAN womanly wet] is made from identical vulnerable acidity as the skin of yours (pH five). Wipes away just the excess dirt without having to break the shielding acid shield which the skin up front has. It's handy while you are wanting to clean out on the go. The way to utilize: in case you've skin problems and in case it doesn't suit the skin of yours, please discontinue consumption. Don't use the old sheet for hygiene underlying factors. Since the sheet doesn't dissolve in drinking water, don't clean it along with the bathroom. Close up the seal solidly after use to keep deterioration of quality. The remedy is plenty, in case you hold it tough in the bin etc., the remedy might spot. Pack Size - thirteen pcs