Kao - Biore Tegotae Eye Mask 8 Pairs

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Touch and also actually feel right away. Cautious sealing instantaneously while sleeping. The following morning, moisturized, fluffy and supple. Remarkably airtight gel kit of Moist Packing Formula. Deliver moist deep to the horny coating all night long. Gets rid of facial lines because of drying out (Efficacy evaluation tested). Moisture firmly sealed until morning with higher adhesion as well as elastic fitting design. For lips as well as eyes. The way to utilize: After cleansing the face of yours, work with after using a solution to a experience. Don't employ product or latex prior to using the package. The kit is not hard to peel. Peel off of the transparent movie and put it on with regard to the skin. Touch it lightly to counteract air from entering in between the package and also the skin. The kit is preserved from going in the bin. Get rid of it without taking it out there. Right after pasting the package, stay away from making use of the pasted part of the pack, as well as utilize your normal emulsion or cream. Go on a remainder immediately with the package attached, and peel it from the following morning. Even though it's good perhaps for aproximatelly one hour, it's better when used instantaneously (aproximatelly 6 8 hours). Suggest regular use, particularly if you're feeling dry. Pack Size - eight pairs