Rarita - Seahorse Antioxidant Hydrogel Mask Set 7Pcs 28G X 7Pcs

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A hydrogel cover up operates to boost lines as well as skin complexion Contain five % Jeju seahorse extract 30,000ppm, marine collagen as well as peptides to elasticate as well as gloss skin by powerful rejuvenating power Revitalize the skin of yours with Antioxidant Complex eight organic ingredients for antioxidant effectiveness Create healthy and clear skin with eight all-natural Jeju Premium Ingredients from Jeju Island such as mineral lava seawater, rather than purified water Double founctional merchandise with anti-wrinkle enhancement & whitening functions Easy methods to use: one. Right after cleansing, erase skin surface with a toner. Take out the mask then remove the films. two. Apply the mask carefully to ensure excellent connection with the face. 3. Take away the mask after twenty - forty minutes after which you can pat the remaing heart until absorbed. four. It's recommended using continuosly 2 - three times per week for four weeks.