Chantilly - Chasty Mini Makeup Sponge Nr 30 Pcs - 2 Types

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A great all natural rubber corner sponge which could be used perfectly with a delicate touch that's light on the skin. If perhaps you make use of the advantage of the sponge, it's a mini dimensions which is possible for finishing facial elements including the eyes and also nose. It can certainly be utilized as an expendable feeling, and also tends to make up with a fresh sponge. For base cosmetics and also point makeup. The way to use: For powdered groundwork. Use a suitable quantity of powdered foundation right on the sponge. For solution and also cream foundation. Solution and also cream platform can be on the skin of yours and rapidly spread out with a sponge. For point consumption when familiarizing concealer, kneaded cosmetic products, etcetera. Concealer and paste like cosmetic products are place on the skin of yours and after that used with a sponge. For base makeup exterior. Get rid of too much oil and also foundation, stunning. For base making cosmetics which often doesn't collapse very easily. Lightly tap the extra foundation that remains on the epidermis top.