Meishoku Brilliant Colors - Detclear Hot Peeling Jelly Limited Edition 30G

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For skin which is smooth with heat and also pore management. Method with darkness in the skin pores with warmth. For slippery epidermis with inconspicuous pores. The existing keratin is not on to enhance transparency. Healthy orange scent. How you can utilize: Please use on skin which is unpolluted. You are able to make use of it with the face of yours and also hands damp, for example when bathing or maybe after cleansing. Need a suitable volume (cherry size), stay away from the space around the eyes and also mouth, moreover lightly rub the space you value. In case it can get dirty, clean it at a distance completely to ensure that there's simply no rinsing residue. It's likewise endorsed using it prior to cleaning the face of yours the next day. Use twice or once a week as being a guide. Be mindful to never massage a lot of to stay away from putting excessive stress. Pack Size - 30g