Koji - Strong One Eyelash Fix 5G

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Give attention to water resistance and also adhesion, freshly developed fix. Distinct variety. Simple off despite the fact that it's waterproof. Weakly sour to the skin of yours. Many components are cosmetic products. Simple paint brush sort. Probably available in Japan secure. How you can use: Adjust the volume of fluid with the lips of the can and use the adhesive uniformly on the whole base of the eyelashes. Become dry for a few tens of seconds until the adhesive gets milky white colored transparent, then add it to ensure it overlaps with the advantage of the lashes. Don't conform to the eyelids till the adhesive is utterly transparent and also dry looking. Take care since it is going to be hard to take out undried epoxy on the eyelid. Take away the eyelash silently out of the external corner of the eyes, placed it in a situation and guarantee that it stays. Take away the adhesive connected to the root of the eyelash with care.