Arimino - Spice Mist 250Ml - 2 Types

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Gloss Water With hydrating outcome and therapy outcome, astonishingly combedthrough is simple to make, hair style doesn't spread despite having all-natural dry. Texture which is soft and gloss of silk extract (hydrolyzed silk) are important things of straight style. Large correspondence to hair which is delicate ~ tough hair (light destruction ~ excessive destruction) As a pre styling of straight design and style. Ideal for entangled locks and also extension locks with injury. To individuals who are interested in a sensation of smoothness and individuals who don't wish to feature a lot of styling agent. As a finish of all-natural dry. Volume Up Great for pre/styling hair making use of heat including irons and also curlers. Heat safeguarding ingredients (PPT) to shield the tresses of yours from heat, brings about light and fluffy setting energy, along with texture which is strong. As a base for coming method for instance curl ironing and also blowing. When amount of hair which is very soft is raised, or perhaps when you use technique which makes use of long lasting hair. How you can use: Apply a suitable volume to the best place where you can want it in the state of half dry out before styling. Allow it to become recognizable appropriately with hands, and check it while drying.