Tonymoly - Wonder Olivetox Cleansing Oil 190Ml

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Benefits: Free from man-made scents, mineral oil, artificial colours, Phenoxyethanol plus Ethanol. A face cleaner full of 73.3 % organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil from Spain delivers deep cleaning. Wealthy Vitamin E and also PRO Vitamin nourish and also put in radiance to the skin of yours. Tocopherol and also Polyphenol both equally with unsaturated unwanted fat assistance revive skin. Because of the gentle formula of its, it actually leaves the skin of yours pampered, purified and also hydrated. How you can use: one. Pump 2 3 times to reach a modest degree of the formulation as well as spread with the face. two. Emulsify the formulation into smooth lather by incorporating several bath and also rub gently. three. Rinse nicely with lukewarm water.