Kurobara - Kuroyuri Quick Drying Set Lotion Hard Refill 200Ml

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quick drying Set Lotion, coming from KUROYURI set of KUROBARA. This's a quick drying tresses lotion (hard type) to establish your fave hair like fast. You are able to make use of the bottle of spray in a number of ways (operations) to set up the styling of yours, and listed here are a few approaches to make use of it. How you can make use of (one): Spray and sprinkle on the full hair and then brush well. Set curler on the hair, then eliminate it after drying. Condition the tresses by brush. How you can make use of (two): After drying out with soft towel, squirt solution till the hair style turns damp. Right after drying out hair, established hair styling with curling iron etc.. Any time you have to preserve your hair style for a longer time, do apply still another after doing styling. The fragrance of princess rose.