Anacis - Triactive Acleon Seboderm Solution 55Ml 55Ml

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A serum entirely devised for enlarged pores plus stressed skin. An extremely concentrated serum which may soak up by skin in quick motion for serious hydration without stickiness. fifty eight % of the main key ingredients and possesses Scaxel, the mixture of vitamin A, B, C, E properly help for hydration, anti inflammation, sebum controlling and comforting. The Intraon formula replenishes deficient of hydration & beefs up skin barrier by twenty three %. The Scaxel formula helps minimize sebum by twelve % for typical, pore radius by five % following two months of using and blackheads by thirty three %. Has two patented ingredients: Sciadopitvs Berticillata Root and Thanakha Permant Extract for difficulty skin care. Consists of nine sorts of fresh citrus fragrance for vulnerable skin soothing. Certainly no cruelty, Mineral Oil, Colorant, Artificial, Lanolin, Paraben, Gluten, Sulphate plus GMO. How you can use: Apply a good degree on you deal with gently and evenly rub down the face of yours for greater absorption.