Jill Stuart - Relax Melty Lip Balm 02 Lavender White 7G

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A lip balm which just melts upon the lips of yours. A short tone that however gives high moisture content, primary you to complete, pure and soft lips. Formulated using 3 honey types, getting you mouth extremely gentle you will just need to touch them. Dryness issues also are reduced by really hydrating rose honey, orange honey and also lavender honey, as well as extremely emollient rose hip engine oil and also shea butter. A long-term veil too absolutely covers the mouth of yours, trying to keep them hydrated. Blends nicely to the skin of yours, offering clear color. Amid the Modern and clean notion of the JILL STUART RELAX collection, a design made up of charms and crystal. With a ribbon comfort on the face as well as crystal on the upper part, gives off a charming sparkle which often in addition renders it great as a completely charming gift. Spicy White Floral Bouquet scent. Beauty essences: Rose honey, Rosehip oil, Lavender honey, Orange honey, Shea butter Pack Size - 7g