@Cosme Nippon - Beautiful Skin Storage Root Vegetable Concentrate Mask 30 Pcs Anno Imo

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No.1 well known great promoting with root cover up concentrated! Anno's sheet mask. Focus cover up of root vegetables packed securely with components for skin which is gorgeous. A large capacity size shows up out of the most desired Anno potato in the root cover up attention mask series. The purchase price per sheet is becoming even less. The high capacity class is made up of thirty pieces and is also a cospa. Though it's things that can likewise help save time while you don't require serum and also solution. Anna potato from Kumamoto prefecture is employed for the root cover up concentrated onion potato. The minerals and vitamins found in the sweet potatoes penetrate deep into the stratum corneum, always keeping your skin in good health and sugars with awesome water retention skill solidly hydrate the skin. Recommended for protecting against skin which is rough. How you can utilize: Use on skin which is fresh after face wash. Shoot out of the bag and also spread. To begin with, set the role of your lips and also eyes, afterward slather all reas of the experience. Use gently so that air doesn't enter between the skin of yours and also the sheet. Take away the mask after aproximatelly five minutes. Make sure you don't leave for decades.