Saravio - Medicated M-1 Hair Grouth Mist 200Ml

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World recognized M 1 growth of hair mist! M-1 New hair growth Mist won the very best Presentation Award in The 7th World Hair Research Conference! SARAVIO safely and effectively elucidated the growth of hair mechanizum by the principle portion of the mist, Hydrolyzed Yeast. By applying M 2 Mist, contained Hydrolyzed Yeast is effective on Hair Papilla Cells and also the mist improves cilia by aproximatelly 1.6 times! Because of previously phenomenon, Growth of hair Promotion Signal (FGF 10) raised a maximum of 300 %. Contained components are incredibly straightforward, like Glycyrrhizic acid 2K, Yeast extract, Purified water, Carrot extract, Assembly extract, Hydrolyzed keratin primarily.