The Saem - Le Aro Facial Oil Lemon Tea Tree 35Ml 35Ml

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Lemon Tea Tree Facial Oil which can help bring back maximum skin balance for oily skin by fixing the over the top sebum secretion along with pulling sensation due to dry skin Sophisticated mixture of obviously derived Lemon Tea Tree, Rosemary, Orange Aroma Essential Oils with new Green Citrus scent offers Aromatic treatments to relax the body of yours and also mind Watery Oil formula presents burdenless relaxing moisturization to oily skin area while producing custom-made combination together with other items like a Multi usable used oil to offer serious skin based on the skin quality of yours and also winters The right way to use: - Utilizing it alone: After face cleansing, take a modest quantity as well as apply to face by kneading gently for high temperatures then lightly pat for greater absorption. - Customized Mixing: Add 1 2 drops into various other skin products as well as affect all areas of the experience in the very last phase of skincare regimen.