Kose - Clear Turn Bihada-Syokunin Beautiful Skin Artisan Mask 30 Pcs - 2 Types

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Luxuriously hydrating with select all-natural products. Possesses specially selected organic substances said to allow for skin which is fabulous and an affluent serum engineered with a warm spring water base. For skin which often can feel really hydrated with tightened pores of the skin. Recommended for females are motivated soothing but thorough skin with a sheet mask with organic established ingredients. Engineered made-in-Japan gentle sheet masks making use of standard handmade Japanese paper methods. Triple-layer sheet masks are manufactured with fresh stream water. They are just strong adequate to open up easily, as well as adhere well to skin. This permits the affluent serum imbued within each and every cover up to permeate throughout the skin of yours. Taken extra care to make sure these masks are light on skin. Poor acidity, absolutely no additional fragrance, no additional color, mineral oil free. How you can use: Remove the mask as well as use on face. After ten mins, go gently and away rub the face for thoroughly absorption.