Gr Inc. - Kj Style Bikyaku Massage Gel 200Ml

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Give self massages to the thighs and legs of yours using this solution objective to tightening and hydrating the skin. With regular use, leads to a slender brilliant pores and skin of the thighs and legs. Will also help to forestall swelling legs.Slimming, Whitenning, Moisturising in addition to Shiny Skin. four Essential Functions for Beautiful Legs in a single product.18 beauty ingredients of the subject in South Korea will supply you with a terrific massage time and also result.No Paraben, No Mineral Oil and No Artificial Colors.How to Use:As to wrap the leg with both hands, provide stress with thumbs to on the whole of toe to heel.Give massage with each palms at ankle to knees back.Give massage as to rotate the outer and inner thighs with equally hands.Give squeezing massage to outside and inside of thighs toward groins from ankles. To accomplish, offer scrubbing massage from lower legs and ankles to groins.