Innisfree - Jeju Volcanic Blackhead 3-Step Program 1Set

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A 3 step nose kit which is in a position to successfully eliminate rich as well as dark blocked blackheads.Removes blackheads and strengthen enlarged pores. Step1: Pore Enlarger Sheet, Step two: Blackhead Out Sheet, Step three: Pore Tightening Sheet The right way to make use of: 1.After laundry face area, insert step 1 sheet on nose and hold on 15~20min. two. Right after removing step 1 sheet, apply a bit of water on nose as well as stick step 2 sheet tightly. Wait aproximatelly 15~20min and get sheet off from the tips to check out blackheads off. three. Right after getting rid of blackheads, insert step-3 and hold on 15~20min again. four. Eliminate step 3 sheet and lightly dab the excess essence for absorption.